Catch da Flava Radio - Drug Use

For our May 15th episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we chatted about drug use and how we have either experienced or not experienced it. In citing popular public service announcements, we heard about the ways in which drug awareness was brought to the attention to the public, airing the popular PSA featuring Rachael Leigh Cook where she takes an egg as an example of one’s brain and smashing it to show the effects of drug use on the egg. Kylie talked about her lack of experience with drugs, not willing to use any or seeing any possible desire to want to use any. Kylie has stated she knows very little about drugs and in fact only really knows about marijuana, even commenting that she recognizes the smell because it is so often in her school, although she doesn’t smoke marijuana herself.

When talking about his personal experience in drugs, Travis agrees he has never really experimented with drugs like Kylie but has mentioned he has occasionally used recreational drugs but only marijuana. In discussing the experience, he has said it only really relaxes him and makes him feel at ease. But he also comments on how he’s noticed how people have acted abusively when under the influence of different types of substances. We discussed how drug use is not often a positive experience but Travis argues that for him and even for some people he knows, sometimes it can be a positive experience if within a controlled environment, such as intentionally using a minimal amount only for an experience, rather than using it to escape reality.

We’d like to thank our panelists Kylie and Travis for being on air and candid about their drug use experience.

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