Catch da Flava - Youtube HQ Shooting

For this episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, Erika talked about the shocking shooting in San Bruno, California at Youtube headquarters. Happening in real time, all our youth panelists learned about the shooting as it unfolded individually, through various social media platforms. This comes at the heels of another recent shooting in Florida that prompted marches across America to stop gun use because of all the devastating news on unsafe gun use. The panel discussed the way in which it affected everyone, how it affects the emotional and mental health of people in a situation, and gun use in general. Erika mentions that when she started highschool and found out there was violence on sight, she ran home because she was so unfamiliar to such an experience that it so immediately affected her mental and emotional state. When discussing how gun violence affects use, we shared about our own memories of high school and incidents of violence occurring in the school system and how things have gotten so extreme that schools now employ police officers to monitor students and kids are even expected to wear clear backpacks to show everything that is on their persons. Such are the extremes ​measures when it comes to gun violence and the consequences it has in our social lives. We now know the shooter was Nasim Aghdam, a former Youtuber who was upset with the video viewing social media platform for not paying her anymore for her videos, believing that she was discriminated against.

We’d like to thank our panelists Erika, Iman, Judy, and Travis for being on air to talk about how gun control can affect the mental, emotional, and psychological health of individuals and society.

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