Catch da Flava - National Association of Cannabis Professionals

For our April 3rd episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, host Travis talked to president of the National Association of Cannabis Professionals, Carolyn Tinglin. In light of the passing of second reading for the bill to legalize marijuana in Canada, the government has predicted sale of recreational marijuana will likely take effect around the end of Summer, in September. From discussions on the bill, to the benefits of marijuana use for medical purposes, to how to understand and identify the difference between therapeutic use or substance abuse of marijuana, Carolyn is all answers for this conversation. She discusses what it is in marijuana that creates a “high” for users of the medicinal plant. She shares some important information when it comes to marijuana use in youth and how youth can address it in friends or in themselves.

When discussing why Carolyn decided to create the National Association of Cannabis Professionals (NACP), she cited her background work in nursing and understanding of the therapeutic benefits to cannabis, and why it’s important for professionals to be certified in cannabis. Carolyn works tirelessly between British Columbia and Toronto to establish a healthier viewpoint on cannabis and legitimate it in the medical profession. For more information on the NACP, visit their website at:

We’d like to thank Carolyn Tinglin for taking time out to talk about cannabis and the healthy use of it in Canada.


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