Catch da Flava - Relationship Expert Ro Maryam

For our February 13th, 2018 edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we talked with relationship expert Ro Maryam about her experience in relationships and some advice she for youth delving into the issues of relationships. Host Beverly talked to Ro about what makes a good relationship and what makes an unhealthy relationship and some of the signs for what both types of relationships look like. Ro shares that healthy relationships often make people feel joyful, inspired and full of themselves while an unhealthy relationship will make us feel tired, not ourselves and not happy. Ro talks about her own experience in relationships sharing that we all go through good and bad relationships, letting us know that relationships are somewhere we can learn from and not to feel too bad if we have to experience a negative relationship.

For our other portion of our interview with Ro, we talked more about LGBT+ relationships and how to navigate them in strict cultural settings. For Ro, she identifies as queer and Muslim, so had a lot of cultural discouragement to be her most authentic self. She shared about her personal mistakes in relationships and how they have been learning lessons for her to grow and become better in future, and how not to create the same patterns of behavior in the next relationship. She also talks about the importance of finding community for those who identify as LGBT+, especially if one’s initial community (religion, family, etc.) does not accept their most authentic self. She also shared some great advice for our youth audience who identify as LGBT+ and what they can do to feel their full self even if the world they live in may not initially reflect it. We want to thank Ro Maryam for taking the time out to have an incredibly thoughtful and stimulating conversation with us and to share about resources for LGBT+ communities. If you identify as LGBT+ and looking for support, please consider contacting support groups such as The 519 and SOY on their websites:

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