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For the February 6th, 2018 edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we had host Diamond Bailey sit down and chat with sexual health promoter Richard Texeira to discuss issues of sexual health and how it relates to youth. Their upcoming workshop on Thursday targets educating service providers who deal with youth with little social attachments, such as low school attendance and vulnerable to homelessness. They support LGBT+ Youth to be trainers, speakers and advocates in these workshops to empower them in their sexuality. They are a collaborative event, such as having Eva’s Satellite organization which is a substance use reduction organization for youth. Some topics that will be covered include consent, relationships, and pleasure with an emphasis on consent and how to understand what is consent. Richard goes on to define consent as free of coercion, “enthusiastic, completely freely given” from someone who is sober. When discussing advice on what youth should consider if they are thinking about becoming sexually active, Richard suggest youth consider if they are actually ready. If they really want to be in a relationship, then they should consider being with themselves first, because they are giving too much power to the other person to control their emotions. He also mentions that if youth are considering being active, they should consider how this fits in the other spheres of their lives, and if they have any questions there are always hotlines to reach out to in case they want to get more information on sexual health. To end off, Richard was very optimistic saying that all of us are bound to make mistakes when it comes to sexual health but it is also a great place for learning if only we keep reaching out to get the help we need. We would like to thank Richard for being on air to talk about sexual health and how it relates to youth, and the significance of having these types of workshops to better educate them. For more information, you can check out:

For this edition of Health Talks Radio, host Diamond led us in a panel discussion on internet addiction and asking our youth panelists what they think about addiction, and what it is. They discussed the dark side of social media, and how people can get addicted in the worst ways more than just having an exorbitant amount time on the internet. Erika talked about the phenomenon of “catfishing” where someone pretends to be someone that they’re not and befriends someone online, creates an intimate emotional relationship with someone and the relationship is built upon false pretenses, such as a false image of the person, a false name etc. She goes on to talk about how people can be duped for years and the enormous amount of ​ emotional and psychological damage that can cause to victims, and even sometimes the “catfisher” because they may be in for more than they bargained for.

Another phenomenon Beverly brought up is the issue of trolling, and how that leads youth to feel unsafe and unwelcome online. Trolling is the anonymous bullying of others online for one’s amusement, and can involve several people, different accounts, and create an environment of mistrust for victims. Youth panelists discuss how it keeps people on guard and feeling the need to be constantly vigilant, which would cause them to be traumatized from even being online. Another issue when it comes to internet addiction without healthy boundaries, people often use the internet up until their bedtime which can cause disorder to the body. As previous sleep expert Judith Mendoza mentioned, the body can’t tell the difference between sunlight and the phone screen’s light, and may not be ready to fall asleep. So internet addiction can have very real physical consequences.

We would like to thank our guest panelists Beverly, Erika, Judy, and Travis for being on air to talk about the important topic and to yet again provide compelling conversation for our panel discussion.

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