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For our February 20th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio host Travis talked to our panel discussion about cannabis and the ever changing social, cultural, and legal perspective on cannabis. In discussing the issue, we address how Canada is nearing to changing the laws around cannabis and how we feel that change will affect Canadian culture. We asked questions such as how legalization can affect issues around drunk/high driving, regulation of dosages amd quality, and drug-related crimes. Most of the panel discussion agreed that legalization may reduce drug-related crimes and make marijuana use much safer without unclear methods of growing and cross-breeding from “dealers”. Guest panel Erika shared that when addressing her anxiety with doctors, her doctor suggested she use marijuana which is medical grade so doesn’t make patients “high” per se, only calm.

Other discussions surrounding issues of how marijuana can actually be beneficial for some extreme conditions that help patients become calmer, more control in their bodies. There is proven scientific evidence and medical research that suggests different strains of marijuana and regulated doses can help alleviate the symptoms of trauma, depression, and anxiety among other physical ailments. Canada is said to be the first industrialized country to completely legalize marijuana, so with that comes great responsibility and a lot of controversy. Especially for youth whom may be exploring recreational drug use, it may open a Pandora’s Box of issues related to how this affects our society.

We’d like to thank our panelists Beverly, Erika, and Judy for being on air with us to talk about their opinion of legalizing marijuana.

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