Divas Girls Group - The C-Word - The Basics of Consent- Part 1

The Diva Girls Group

Session 7: The C-Word...The Basics of Consent- Part 1

November 10th , 2017

Today the Diva's learned about the basics of Consent.

To start off, the Divas played a myth busting game. The Divas were given six statements (3 myths and 3 facts) and were required to split into two groups. Each group had a T-chart paper marked Fact or Fiction and they were to guess whether the statement is Fact or Fiction and put it in the correct category. When the Divas recorded their answers, they took it up as a group to see who got the most correct answers. When in groups the girls were shown facts and myths.


Only about 0.3% of perpetrators of sexual assault are held accountable, while over 99% are no Women, the elderly, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous folk are at increased risk of reporting sexual abuse Many assailants appear to be upstanding citizens and show little to no history of mental health problems.


Most assailants have a history of mental or sexual problems. Most victims of sexual violence are young, attractive females Only 20% of alleged sexual assaults will result in a conviction of the perpetrator The second activity was getting the Diva's to understand the definition of Consent and identify the common barriers in society. Londzo gave the Divas a way to define the word consent by using the acronym "FRIES": Freely Given Reversible Informed Enthusiastic Specific. Londzo taught the Divas that any sexual interaction that does not have clearly defined consent is sexual assault. Shortly after, they learned about the obstacles to getting FRIES. (In other words, what may prevent someone from being able to express what they want or what might make it difficult to understand your partner. The Divas then took a 15-minute snack break with healthy snacks and refreshments, and then returned and watched a video called "Ode to Soulja Boy". The divas learned a lot this week and are excited for next week.

By: Alexis Augustine
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