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For our return show of Catch da Flava Youth Radio on January 9th, co-hosts Ahmed and Divine welcomed guest Amanda Neale-Robinson from Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundation (TIRF). They talked about her role at TIRF, what it offers to youth and why Rugby is so important for team values and to help teach young people how to manage. Both Ahmed and Divine are part of their high school rugby team and talked about their experience as rugby players and what the sport means to them. Divine discussed his role in the team and how it gives him exercise in a fun way, and Ahmed talked about the multiple roles he plays on the team and how much fun he has found it to be.

Amanda talked about the logistics of the sport, how there are different types of games such as 7’s and 15’s, called such because of the number of players on the field. She also talked about how it varies from other sports, because rugby is a sport where the person has to run with the ball. Some sports aren’t like that and so it can be fun to learn the different rules and skills of the game. Amanda also discussed the values of rugby and how incorporating them into daily life would not only make them very good team players, but also good people. TIRF also offers some other opportunities for kids not interested in being a part of the team, like being part of the youth council board for TIRF or job opportunities with TIRF, and scholarships they offer to eligible students, which Amanda claims both Divine and Ahmed are eligible for because of their experience in their high school rugby team.

We would like to extend warm thanks to Amanda Neale-Robinson for having a great conversation with us on the opportunities TIRF provides, and the benefits of playing rugby both on and off the field. For more information of TIRF, please visit their website at TIRFRUGBY.CA

By: Judy Pham

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