Catch da Flava Radio - Body Image and Dieting

For this episode of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, co-host Diamond and Joel talked about the issue of body image and dieting for our panel discussion. In studio for the discussion were Beverly and Erika, to talk about their experiences with dieting and body image issues. When asked about whether they tried diets, Beverly said she had and Erika said she had not, but due to different standards of beauty in their cultures. For Beverly, being thin seemed like an ideal in the culture she was surrounded in while Erika grew up in a community that being "thick" and heavy was healthy and thereby more attractive. Diamond shared that for her, she even tried to diet hoping to be very thin but then she acknowledged that her body was never built that way and so she made her peace with her body and stopped willing it to do something it wasn't made to do. Joel shared that he had tried dieting as well, taking long walks in the heat and "sweating" off the weight. In a panel discussion full of women, they were astonished that he could lose so much by doing so little, recognizing that men and women's body are very different.

The panel discussion also explored the health benefits of dieting and the trend of "liquid diets" where a person consume only liquid or soft foods in order to make it easier for the body to pass the nutrients through the system. Panelists were generally against liquid diets, believing it doesn't help people lose weight in the long run and can be extremely detrimental to their health. They also talked about how dieting in general was not an ideal thing to pursue but thought that people do it because of certain cultural perspectives and expectations in society and mass media that portray a certain body type to be the pinnacle of what was ideal. Ultimately, they enjoyed having the conversation, sharing many laughs with each other in exploring the topic of dieting and body image.

Big thanks to Beverly, Diamond, Erika and Joel for being on air with us and sharing their thoughts on dieting and body image, and creating yet another lively discussion on Catch da Flava.

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