Catch da Flava Radio - Martin Luther King Jr Day

For the second half, Joel and Diamond led a panel discussion on Baptist Minister, Cultural Icon, and Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr. on his impact in our culture and moving forward the issues around racial equality, especially in North America. Since Martin Luther King Day was the day before and was on what would be his birthday, the panel talked about his legacy and how they experience issues of race today. Diamond talked a little bit about her experience in “Black Culture” class and what she learned from the experience. Other panelists talked about how the speeches of Martin Luther King impacted them and compared the work of Martin Luther King Jr. with Malcolm X. Ahmed talked about how much he followed the work of both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, believing more in Malcolm X’s approach and viewing it as more practical. ​

Erika had was very eloquent and well spoken in her perspective on the legacy Martin Luther King Jr. left our culture, and Beverly participated in the panel seemingly believing his approach was a little “soft”, highlighting how everyone had a different perspective when it comes the work Martin Luther King Jr. did.

We would like to thank Ahmed, Beverly, and Erika in joining our panel discussion to talk about the issues of race and how Martin Luther King Jr. impacted the culture.

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