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For our December 12th show of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, co-hosts Beverly and Johanna started off with Health Talks Radio, welcoming guest Wil Carlos from a non profit dedicated to creating services for youth with mental health concerns called Young Ones. They offer youth that utilize their services immediate care with one counselor in each quadrant of the city. Young Ones is not offers no wait times, but all of their employees have experience with mental health concerns, so they can relate to youth that seek their services. They also have youth volunteers, so those who seek their services can identify to volunteers as well. All of this is made in part to encourage those who seek their services to feel comfortable.

Both Beverly and Johanna shared their own journey dealing with mental health, and Wil shared his experience dealing with depression as a teenager and discussing when the first warning signs were for him and how others can observe warning signs in others or in themselves. Wil answered some questions from our co-hosts, including his opinion of where mental illness comes from, how to support those with mental health issues, and why it is important for youth with mental health issues to seek help immediately. This year they are hoping to continue their mission to help out as many youth with mental health issues by looking for donations from their crowdfunding website:

For any youth looking to find out more information on their services, check out their website at:

We would like to thank Wil for coming down to our studios in the blistering winter weather to share the news and services that Young Ones provides for youth with mental health concerns.

By: Judy Pham

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