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For the first half of our December 19th edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we started off with our Health Talks Radio segment with cohost Diamond. We welcomed guest Aamar Khwaja from Mod Garden to the show to talk about his new invention called Tiny Farms. Tiny Farms is still in the early stages of development, but looks to change the way we eat and promote healthier living by producing a product that grows fresh plants for consumers with urban lifestyles. Inspired by his own experience with chronic headaches and eczema, Aamar sought to cure himself by changing his eating habits, realizing it was all coming from deficiency in natural minerals that are often found in plants.​

Not only did he have to change the way he ate, but he realized the food system is “broken” that in the process of transporting food, a lot of minerals and vital nutrients gets lost in the vegetables and by the time it comes to the consumer, it barely has any nutrients. In creating these Tiny Farms, which is a stylistic condo-sized planting system, it allows consumers to grow their own vegetables and reclaim some of the vital nutrients that is often lost through the heavy transportation aspect of carrying food to local grocery stores. Although Aamar concedes that growing these plants in a light-generated ecosystem doesn’t compare to the health benefits of natural sunlight, it is the second-best option for those living urban lifestyles. To supplement the lack of natural sunlight, he has worked with Dalhousie University to create nutrient-rich soil that is also lacking in the market.​

We would like to thank Aamar Khwaja for sharing his story and the know-how behind what we eat and how it gets to our table. For more information on this teeny tiny new invention, check out their website at:​

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