Media Literacy Week - Day 1

On Monday, November 6th, Regent Park Focus introduced its week-long radio programming to promote Media Literacy Week, with special guests Simona Ramkisson from Mozilla HIVE Toronto and Craig Carter-Edwards, Zoya Khan, and Eliana Trinaistic from Migrahack and Welcome Home TO to talk about media literacy from different perspectives and organizations. Co-hosts Diamond, Judy, and Kyle were able to sit down with them to talk about this year’s Media Literacy Week theme: Inclusion in a Connected World: A Place and Voice For All.

We would like to thank our special radio guests Simona Ramkisson, Craig Carter-Edwards, Zoya Khan, and Eliana Triniastic for sharing their perspective and experience on how media literacy helps create inclusion in a connected world. We would also like to thank Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Laura Albanese for taking the time out to visit our centre and spread the word about this generous grant, and sitting down to chat with us.

Interview with Simona Ramkisson

Part 1 - Download MP3

Interview with Craig Carter-Edwards, Zoya Khan, and Eliana Trinaistic

Part 2 - Download MP3


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