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Nov 17th 2017

This week the diva girls explored new creative writing styles. They first started off with a circle rock, where we sit around a circle and we shared one special thing about ourselves. Shortly after that the divas played a Parts of Speech Game.

The girls had to define an adjective, verb, noun and ad adverb. Then they were split into two teams, the teams had to write down as many adjectives as possible that started with a special letter like P. As rounds progressed they also were told on how many syllables the adjectives must have.

The diva girls really enjoyed the game and after playing a few rounds the girls watched a Haiku video. After watching the video the divas learned about what a haiku is and each girl was given a word, and they had to write a haiku about it without using the word they were given. Once they were finish writing their haikus, other members of the group had to guess what the word was!

The divas had a snack break full of healthy snacks for 15 minutes, and after snack, they watched another video called “ 9 Things I Would Like to Tell to Every Teenage Girl” by Melissa Newman – Evans. The last activity of the evening was a collaborative writing of “ A Love Letter to Me”. Each diva took a piece of paper and wrote down their names on the top, then they had to write one thing they wanted to tell themselves “e.g. You are beautiful”. Then, everyone passed the notebooks to the right and the next person would add to the poem, by the end of it everyone had a full love letter. The divas learned a lot this week and are excited for next week!

By: Alexis Augustine
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