Catch da Flava Radio - E-Cigarettes

For this episode of Catch da Flava Youth radio show, host Diamond Bailey introduced the topic of e-cigarettes and what we may think about it. Diamond introduced information on the topic, citing that a study of over 44,000 high school students in Ontario and Alberta was published last month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), stating a "strong and robust" linkage between so-called vaping and subsequent tobacco use. With that knowledge, Diamond started the discussion about vaping and e-cigarettes for youth participants Beverley, Joel, and Johanna. Some of her questions considered their thoughts on smoking and the use of cigarettes and vaping among youth, their views on the relationship between vaping and increased drug use later in life, and the appeal of e-cigarettes to youth. Many of the youth participants offered up varied opinions, but the general consensus seemed to be that vaping and cigarettes was not a favorable habit to develop, and that although many youth are inundated with visuals and images of how “cool” it seems to vape, such as clips from social media proliferating, at some ​

point it does become the responsibility of the individual to choose whether or not they want to proceed with such a bad habit.

We would like to thank our guest panelists Beverley Fajardo, Joel Williams, and Johanna Brewster for being a part of our panel discussion and sharing their wonderful insight into this new social habit taking youth by storm.

By: Judy Pham


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