Powerful by Nature - Teen Pregnancy & Stigma

Date: Oct 16, 2017

Hosts : Moya & Victoria
Guests : Anny, Shadae, & Sherry
Topic : Teen Pregnancy & Stigma

This week Moya and Victoria shed some light on teen pregnancy and the stigma that young parents deal with on the day to day. Moya and Victoria welcome the rest of the PowerfulXNature team to the show which includes: Anny and Shadae; and Sherry the Youth Leadership Program lead at Jessie’s Centre ; who all share experiences throughout the show about pregnancy and parenting as a youth and the stigma that they have experienced. For the second half, our hosts lead a conversation on how the media can portray teen parents in a negative way and the impact that this can have. Being shamed for decisions that you’ve made and being stigmatized makes navigating the world very difficult. We also discuss how the team is changing the dialogue through the Community Education Program at Jessie’s Centre; and how Shadae through her blog, She's Too Young To Mom , is letting other young moms know that they are not alone . By sharing our stories, we raise awareness to deconstruct the stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination pregnant and parenting youth can experience. Our music selection this week features Latin artists in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Songs featured:

1. Mi Gente by J. Balvin Ft. Beyonce

2. Sorry, not sorry by Demi Lavato

3. Maria, Maria by Carlos Santana

4. Perro Fiel by Shakira ft. Nicky Jam

To learn more about the Community Education Program, please visit


Shadae’s blog ‘She’s Too Young to Mom’, can be found at www.tooyoungtoparent.com

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Author: J, Mendez

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