Catch da Flava - Mental Health Awareness Week

For our Catch da Flava Youth Radio show on October 2nd, 2017 we centred the show on mental health concerns as it is mental health awareness week. We started the conversation with covering the recent news on 17-year-old teenager Noah Irvine and his quest to bring more awareness and resources to mental health concerns to the Canadian government. Noah was only five years old when his mother passed away from suicide. Then three years ago when Noah was fifteen, his father passed away from a drug overdose. Noah believes it could have been prevented if the government had provided more resources for mental health.

He started off writing to every member of Parliament, then later was able to meet with the Federal Minister of Health, and just recently had a scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister, scheduled for Wednesday morning. Sharing this story, we also provided some audio clips of the story being covered by local media outlets to highlight how much public attention young Noah is receiving for his efforts.

For our second half, co-hosts Judy and Diamond held a panel discussion about how mental health has affected us or someone we know. We mention personal anecdotes about our experiences with mental health as well as how we dealt with the stigma associated with mental illness, whether this being from an outside perspective or battling with mental illness ourselves.

We concluded that one of the best ways to combat the stigma of mental health is to further educate, as to better understand not only about mental illnesses but how it affects everyday life and how it differs from person to person.

Additionally we talked about mental health services and medication that have both better and hindered our experience.Furthermore, we brought to light how it felt like to share and be open about having a mental illness and how this affected our lives or someone we know. Having people in you life in which you could depend on for support and comfort makes a world of difference. Thus we encourage educating not only oneself but everyone about mental health and believe it may change perspectives involving mental health. For more information about mental health visit

​ We would like to thank our panel discussion guests Tyger Dau, Beverley Fajardo, and Johanna for joining us in the discussion. We would also like to extend our gratitude to CTV News and Global News for media content we aired for this portion of the show.

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