Catch da Flava Radio and RPTV Productions

This week (Aug. 7-11) youth participants had another show of Catch da Flava youth radio, exploring the topic of race in North America. The first segment involved a debate with two participants along with a moderator and judge. The second segment focused on a discussion of race in general. The debate involved answering whether racism in Canada against Indigenous people was worse than racism in America against Black people.

Participants were also engaged in assisting with filming for a community partnership with The Neighbourhood Group’s Kickstart Camp, and The University of Toronto. Topics covered and filmed for included “Everything Free”, “Freedom & Peace”, “End Bullying”, “End Racism”, and “Fresh Water.” Camp kids were ready to film, having memorized their scripts and provided visuals and some choreography for their filmed segments.

Later in the week, participants commenced work on video editing the filmed footage, along with working on revising their proposals for a short film on newcomers and a new TV show. Some participants are also working on creating their own video game by developing some experience in coding. Others are focusing some time on their next Catch da Flava youth radio by refining their scripts, reaching out to their guest, and securing equipment to record for an upcoming event.

By: Judy Pham


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