Month One, The Indie Game Dev Catalyst Club

With the first month of the RPF indie game dev catalyst club drawing to an end, there's a lot to talk about.  The young creatives have answered the difficult question of "what do you want to create?" with some pretty awesome projects.  

After picking up basic programming skills, one creative has begun working away at a graphic novel game.  You play as an emerging WWE character with the ambition of winning the women's championship belt. "Make alliances and beef with foes in this game of social choice." Produced using Renpy.

A group project has been started.  One youth has been diligently learning C#, Unity and the Dungeons and Dragons gaming system with the intent of designing and coding a Pokemon-like battle system.  Two other youth are also learning Unity and C#, their plans are to code the adventure mode (over-world) and menu systems that will, with the battle system, complete a simple/small Pokemon-like game.  However, the collaboration does not end there.  A writer and an artist are eyeing the project as well and so much more than just a core game engine may become of this project.  Stay tuned for more details.

Everybody loves a good murder mystery game, but who can resist one where all the main characters are axolotls? Critically question suspects, weigh evidence and uncover a layered plot in this must play thriller!!  Produced using Renpy and Microsoft Paint, before it goes vintage.

A creative who brings a great deal of prior experience developing games to table, as a coder and pixel artist, has committed to making and publishing a small game.  Heavily inspired by the game Wizard Wizard, this 2D platformer will push this young creatives abilities as not just a coder and pixel artist, but also as a level designer, sound designer, producer and marketer.    

An RPF intern from Kentucky USA has completed an interactive graphic novel tour guide of Toronto.  Check it out here:

(link coming soon)
This is not a conclusive list of all the happenings within the RPF indie game dev catalyst club. Stay tuned for more!
Gl hf!

-FR & RC


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