Catch da Flava Radio - August 1st, 2017

Radio Blog - August 1st, 2017

This week on Catch Da Flava we talked to a teacher named Marcia who shared her insightful experiences on teaching in Nunavut. Her passion to work with children and to become an inspirational figure for a generation has not only fueled her decision in teaching in Nunavut above other places, but has driven her to continue teaching in Nunavut for 3 years and going despite a lengthy 10 years in Jamaica.

We discussed the expectations not only she had going into Nunavut but also the expectations community, students parents and staff had of her ;whether that be negative or positive; and how she combated those negative stereotypes she may of experienced being a person of colour.

Marcia also talked about the misconceptions of aboriginal schools have acquired due to the media's negative outlook and how he experience on teaching in Nunavut clashes with these perspectives. In contrast the school that she was placed in had resources similar to those in the south though the level of education is tad bit lower.

Moreover she encourages others who have the opportunity to teach in northern Canada to go for it, as she has noticed an aspect of self-growth due to her students, staff and the community as a whole. The different atmosphere accompanied with a different culture and language from her own, has given her a much needed perspective unique to Nunavut. Without a doubt Marcia believes that many can truly take away from this experience. To check out more information on teaching in Nunavut, how to apply or becoming a community partner visit

We thank Marcia for being a part of our show and for sharing her insightful experiences on teaching in Nunavut.

For our second half, we welcomed Toronto-based graphic novelist Saraƒin who chatted with our host Diamond in studio about her webcomic dubbed Asylum squad. Described as “superheroes who pop pills”, her webcomic “Asylum Squad” is a creative work influenced by her experiences at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) on Queen Street.

Saraƒin described her experience at CAMH and how the creation process of Asylum Squad helped her cope with the negativity she faced during her time there. In addition we discussed the difficulties she had while she created her comic, as there was a time in which she took a hiatus as she struggled with psychosis and spent the better part of a year in the schizophrenia ward at CAMH.

Saraƒin hopes that her webcomic will help shatter the misconceptions associated with those that experience mental and emotional challenges. Just as Asylum Squad has given Saraƒin a sense of therapeutic relief, she hopes those that have been exposed to Asylum Squad gain the same feeling.

Interested in Saraƒin’s Asylum Squad, check it out at And dont forget about Asylum Squad: Code White demo RPG at

We thank Saraƒin for being in such great spirits for our interview and welcome her back anytime!

By Diamond Bailey


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