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This week on Catch Da Flava, we talked to the Under the Stars coordinator Elizabeth Mudenyo. Elizabeth spoke to the co-host Jaidyn and the host Nicholas about current events and future events that the festival will be occurring with the festival.

We discussed how the festival is a Regent Park movie night where family and friends can get to together to watch family blockbuster films outside of their homes. Some of the family films are Moana, Space Jam and The Hunter For The Wilderpeople. The festival also plays foreign movies like historical documentaries, Bollywood and drama films like Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, Bicycle Thieves and Hidden Figures.

Elizabeth also spoke about the programs and workshops that will occur during the events 6 weeks of the festival opening. There will be soccer games, dance classes, dj workshops and more. These programs will run every week and take place between 7-8:30 pm before the films begins on Sunday at approximately 9pm.

By: Nicholas Ramsubick and Jaidyn King

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