Catch da Flava Radio - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

For this edition of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, co-hosts Judy and Diamond held a panel discussion about the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls of Canada and the anger towards the disorganization caused by resignations of senior staff within the inquiry. Resulting in families of the victims frustrated with the lack of clear strategy and strong partnerships with Indigenous communities across the country.

With the recent resignation of 5 commissioners including  Marilyn Poitras, we discussed how many have questioned the leadership of the inquiry and whether this leadership problem should result in the inquiry being represented and driven by indigenous people.

Furthermore, we brought to light how families feel less willing to participate in the process as their ability to claim justice for loved ones and victims are greatly affected by these resignations.

We express our thoughts on the history of social and cultural oppression of indigenous people; primarily women with respect to the issue; and what root causes and trends we think may have led to violence against women as well as the legitimacy of the national inquiry.

For more information about the National Inquiry into missing and murdered and employment opportunities within the inquiry visit ​

By: Diamond Bailey
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