French Connection - New Radio Show

De Paris à Toronto – Launching of a new radio show
By radio regent – May 12th 2017

This new Radio Show called « From Paris to Toronto // French Connection » is a weekly french production made by Gabrielle and Cassandre who are two french interns here in Toronto. This show will be about different subjects like the social issues of french people in Toronto but also about politics, culture, environment, music... Each week, we will focus on one subject and try to talk and exchange with our audience. We will also try to have a guest, meaning a french guest who is living in Toronto. For this very first show they have chosen to talk about politics because Emmanuel Macron had just become the new president of France. During the show they comeback on Macron’s program and describe his profile. They have also talked about the future of Canadian – French relationships in politics. Their guest, Valentin Cirot a french young man who came recently in Toronto, expressed his feelings and his opinions about these elections.
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