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Friday May 5, 2017

Today at Regent Park Focus the Diva girls had an exciting day with Community Worker students Tavianne and Tusma. The workshop began with an icebreaker where the young ladies were asked to share an experience that was memorable and special from the current week. The young ladies then divided into two teams in which they then chose a name for their team. After the naming of the group, the ladies began playing Diva Jeopardy. The categories within the Diva's Jeopardy consisted of Canadian Politics, Social Media, Sports and Entertainment. The young ladies collaborated with one another, the ladies performed well under pressure and aimed to encourage one another throughout the game. The game concluded with the winning team receiving a prize.

The workshop took a break for refreshments.

After the break the ladies reflected on past discussions with Toronto Public Health Nurses from a prior workshop on nutrition, the importance of eating healthy and the effects of healthy eating habits on their bodies. The young ladies had an opportunity to provide updates on their healthy eating habits, pictures of their food intake and how they can continue to encourage one another to make healthier lifestyle choices. The young ladies then began to share ideas on what they would like to do in their program; watching a movie, learning how to properly apply makeup and going out on education trip ROM or Toronto Science Center. Overall, the young ladies expressed that they had a blast and look forward to the next session.
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