Divas Media Group - Friday May 12, 2017

Friday May 12, 2017

Today at Regent Park Focus the Diva Girls had a blast with George Brown College Community Worker Student Tavianne, The young ladies were seated in a semi circle table and placed randomly in to groups of four. The young ladies began the workshop by choosing a name for their group and a group captain. The young ladies then began playing Diva Feud. The premise of the gameshow was to test their knowledge on Celebrities, Local News, Geography, Politics and Sports. The ladies worked well in their groups often displaying their competitive sides and proving that they were an assist to their respective teams. At the end of the Diva's Feud, all participants were given a prize for their outstanding sportsmanship and participation.

The young ladies then went on a break for refreshments.

After the break, the young ladies remained in their previous groups. The ladies were then asked to showcase their artistry and visual arts skills. The young ladies where asked to draw the CN Tower, an unicorn, a hamburger and the sun. Individually, the young ladies had an opportunity to share their drawings and what their looking forward to doing in next week's meeting. Winnie Payne, a Co-op student from Notre Dame high school, then judged the art completed by the young ladies. Overall, the ladies had a blast and look forward to their next Diva meeting.

By: Tavianne Jackson
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