Catch da Flava - Let's Talk About Sex!

Let’s Talk About Sex!

During the month of March and April, the Catch da Flava youth radio collective partnered with Planned Parenthood Toronto to plan, produce and host a sex education radio series on Radio Regent. The radio series consisted of four, one hour long shows that aired every Tuesday in April from 6-7pm.
The preparation for the series started in early March with brainstorming sessions with young people involved in Regent Park Focus and Planned Parenthood youth volunteers. In the brainstorming sessions, there was an in-depth and candid discussion on various aspects of awareness, education and communication about sex. After hours of discussion, the participants came up with four themes -highlighting related issues on each show and took on various tasks to prepare the shows for broadcast.

First Show- Sex Education in the education system
The first show aired on 4th April, Tuesday, hosted by Cyinthia, Winnie, Nicole, Deondre and Ahmed. For this show our volunteer reporters had pre-recorded interviews asking the youth on what they learned in school about sex education and suggestions on what they would change. The respondents talked about the inadequacies about the school curriculum namely that it focused too much on body parts and safe sex practices rather than answering their many faceted questions about sex. The youth hosts followed the interviews with a candid discussion around the school curriculum. Andrew from Planned Parenthood joined the discussion in the last half hour of the show and shared his experience with educating youth on the sex education.
Second Show- Body Image and STIs
The second show aired on 11th April, Tuesday, hosted by Cyinthia, Jacob and Deondre. The show was focused on Body Image and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The show opened with interviews of youth volunteers at Planned Parenthood Toronto around the theme: what’s your personal relationship with your body. This was followed by an in studio discussion with our youth panelists about their experiences on body image issues. They discussed anxieties surrounding whether or not they’re growing as they should and how they should be growing, how mainstream media is influencing and affecting the perceptions and self-images of young people. This comes down to the issue of stigma and anxiety. The second half of the radio show focused on Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs). Our guest, Denis Williams, Coordinator Health Services Peers’ Education at Planned Parenthood Toronto, answered questions like what are STIs? How common are STIs? Can you have safe sex or ongoing sexual relationship with an STI? And how can you protect against STIs?

Listen Here:

Third Show- Pregnancy, Consent and Prevention
The third show aired on Tuesday April 18th and was hosted by Cyinthia and Judy. Our youth volunteers presented a radio skit scripted around complexities and anxieties on pregnancy among youth. Our talented youth artists Ahmed, Diamond and Beverly played the roles of the youth characters in the skit. Later in the show, guests from Jessie’s-The June Callwood Centre for Young Women joined us in our studio. The guests provided in-depth knowledge and their hands-on experience on youth pregnancy, young parents need, support required to raise a child, and how to approach the stigma or misinformation on youth pregnancy and parenting. They provided a lot of insights to the issue of pregnancy and the challenges and celebrations of being a young parent.

Listen Here:
Fourth Show – Healthy Relationship, Consent and Sexual Pleasure
The fourth and final show of the series, Let’s Talk about Sex, aired on Tuesday April 25th. This show was hosted by Cyinthia and Judy and involved a team of Catch da Flava and PPT youth volunteer panelists. The radio show was focused on exploring Healthy Relationship. The panelists discussed how young people can achieve healthy relationships and the importance of consent in building healthier relationships. Towards the later part of the show an energetic guest speaker, Carrlyle Jansen from Good for Her gave our listeners very important and interesting information on sexual pleasure and how it’s connected to healthy relationships. She explained a correlation between a sexual pleasure and healthy relationship. Instead of creating an environment of fear around sexual activities we should focus on acknowledging sex positivity. The series wrapped on a high note of acknowledging importance of sex positivity and creating sex positive communities.
The “Let’s Talk About Sex” was produced by the Catch da Flava youth collective in partnership with Planned Parenthood Toronto. All four shows are available for your listening pleasure.
Radio Production Coordinator
Regent Park Focus Media Arts Centre


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