Session 24- Mental Health Awareness

This week (April 21) the focus of the Diva Girls group was on mental health. I did the facilitation of the workshop. We started off with a little discussion on what mental health is and then we watched a few videos. Then we organized a debate panel on what causes mental health issues.

Afterwards we played a game which involved soft balls being thrown at each other. The goal was to catch the balls and prevent them from dropping to the floor. This was to demonstrate that you can only handle so many things at once before dropping them and that’s what happens when you have stress.

Following the break the girls did a little quiz on myths and facts on mental health statements. A lot of the girls did perfect on the quiz and this showed that they knew the most basic facts and myths about mental health.

The girls then ended the session with a little breathing exercise to reduce stress and anxiety

Lysandra Lobo


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