Session 23 -Divas Showcase Day!

This week, the Diva Girls finally got to present their creative poem writing skills in their final showcase!

The girls came in early to prepare and perfect their poems for performing. They even had stage names prepared for themselves which were a nice personal touch for all the Divas.

Before the showcase, the girls did a circle rock session to calm them down and releases some of the nervousness but a lot of them were ready to hit the stage.

At the showcase, the event kicked off with a video produced by Tusma Sulieman about Molem fashion and Islamophobia. The video was funded by the In-spirit Foundation and is scheduled to be broadcast on Regent Park TV. The screening was followed by a Q and A with Tusma about the film. Next up the two facilitators performed inspiring pieces setting the stage for the Divas. The Divas did not disappoint. The Divas performed their spoken word pieces beautifully and were not intimidated by the full house. Many of the spoken word pieces had to do with self-esteem and their self-identities as Moslem and had the crowd cheering for them. It was a truly marvelous showcase and the girls did a wonderful job.

To celebrate their showcase performance, the girls went for a celebration lunch at the Mandarin the next day. It goes without saying that the food was yummy and we all left with a full tummy.

By Lysandra

Divas Media Group Luncheon Celebration

The Divas Media group was treated to a luncheon at Mandarin restaurant for the amazing work they did throughout the year. Way to go girls! Titiola (a youth volunteer), Alya and Alonzo (Canvas facilitators) and I also attended the luncheon. The luncheon in a sense brought the girls closer together where their interests and food choices where very similar to each other. The meal was wonderful. Before the girls finished their meal, Alya and Alonzo gave them a survey to fill out. After they filled out the survey, they were all given presents for the amazing work they did with the spoken word showcase presentation, which was a success. The presents each girl received represented her individuality as a young woman who has/is evolving into her own. The girls loved their presents. It was very refreshing that the girls had the opportunity to leave Regent Park and experience a different environment. It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Canvas for coming by to facilitate the Divas media group spoken work pieces. The sessions were informative, educational and interactive. The girls enjoyed every session. I look forward to working with you next year.

All the best.

Pat Whittaker


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