Catch da Flava Radio - Green Party Interview About Marijuana Crackdown

Hello it’s Jacob from Catch De Flava and on the day of Tuesday February 14th I and my uncle George Sawision former individual Green Party politician did a 30 minute segment on marijuana crackdown issues in the city of Toronto. My uncle has been an activist in the Conservative and Liberals to protect confidential rights and to bring information to voters to be informed before elections. Everyone wants to know where to buy marijuana, know to legally use it, and why isn’t it legalized yet? The age limit of marijuana use is 18-25 years of age and police are applying the judgment of an older law arresting users for either the medical or recreational use. Individuals or gangs are redistributing this legal or illegal product which is frustrating the police as violence and illegal activities are occurring within the city of Toronto. The government is still discussing and studying while time is passing and the problem is they are dealing with more important issues rather than worry about legalization of a drug. Presently we still see on the news of individuals getting arrested and dispensaries being raided by police, so the real question is “When will we see a change”? Tune in on Tuesdays to hear more from Catch De Flava radio and future guests hosted by myself.

Cheers Jacob Hong

Listen to the show here:

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