Session 5: Talking Back: Feminism in the Modern World (Part 2)

This week at the Regent Park Focus Divas Media Group Program, the Divas continued where they left off the previous week on Feminism in the modern world. The goals of this session was the following; (1) to be more aware of feminism as a movement and what people are doing about it; (2) make them aware that their voice matters and they can do something too; (3) make them understand the history of the movement.

In this session, the Divas focused on the awareness of knowing that they have a voice. In one of the exercises we were asked to draw a mental picture of what each person wanted the future to look like and afterwards what we can do to make that change in the future happen. After this exercise, the Divas spent their time writing and creating poetry with the help of a writing prompt that says “I want a future where...” Divas who felt comfortable to share their poetry did so and it was very inspiring.

- Titilola Onogu 
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