Session 4: Talking Back: Feminism in the Modern World

This week at the Regent Park Focus Divas Media Group Program, the Divas were introduced to Feminism in the modern world. The goals of this session were the following; (1) to be more aware of feminism as a movement and what people are doing about it; (2) to be aware that their voice as young women matters and they can do something too; (3) to understand the history of the movement.  The session began with the Divas sharing their views on feminism. Some of the Divas were already familiar with the concept of feminism while others were not. To introduce the Divas to a brief history of feminism, the Divas played the timeline game where they had to guess what year certain milestones took place in the history of feminism. After this exercise, it was so exciting to see the Divas sharing on and on about their ideas on feminism using the circle rock. They reflected on the just concluded United States presidential elections and also cited personal experiences as examples to describe their views. It was so much fun to share; they could not stop to finish the outline in this session so, the session was brought to a close; to be continued the following week.

- Titilola Onogu 
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