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Hello, this is Deondre, Jacob, and Tito and we’re placement students at Regent Park Focus Media Arts Centre. On Tuesday October 11th our team of 3 did a live radio show on the troubles of the TTC in the city of Toronto. Problems we discussed during our radio show were the Metropass to Presto card changes for next year and the Yonge University Spadina Subway Extension to Vaughan and Richmond Hill. Concerns and issues were raised from ourselves about the 2 problems facing people around Toronto and York Region with an extended subway line. The TTC is already pretty crowded during the morning and late afternoon commute for passengers heading in and out of the city. The Yonge University Spadina extension to Vaughan is already delayed 18 months, $400 million dollars in contractor claims, and costs 3.2 billion dollars for the whole project. On the positive side the subway extension will prevent gridlock and creating a more attractive and creative way of getting to places around the city. It will serve thousands of residents in York Region and Toronto that will connect people and build more opportunities around the city that people obviously need.

Listen here:

By: Jacob Hong
Date: Monday, October 11, 2016
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