Session 3: “Maybe she’s born with it”: Deconstructing Media Representations of Body & Gender - Focused On BODY IMAGE

This week at the Regent Park Focus Divas Media Group Program, the Divas were introduced to the concept of the media representation of the body and gender as a social construct.

The Divas used images from magazines and social media to challenge societal expectations about body image; emphasizing the ways in which race, religion and ability are commonly represented.

This activity helped the Divas to deconstruct the social concept of “beauty” and representation of the “body”. The Divas also watched spoken word videos about body image. These videos gave the Divas a different perspective in terms of how/what they think about their bodies. This was followed by an exercise where the Divas were able to use their creative thinking to create and perform spoken word poems about what their body would say if it could speak.

- Titilola Onogu 
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