May 4th Catch da Flava Blog

May 4th Catch da Flava Blog

On tonight’s Catch da Flava, we talked about the Regent Park Revitalization Project in partnership with the MLSE foundation. The Regent Park Revitalization project is a public/private partnership, which will transform 69 acres in Toronto’s east downtown - gaining recognition for being an innovative, sustainable and urban redevelopment initiative. On Monday May 3rd; we had an opportunity to speak to Drew Abbott, founder and co-chair of 3to6 team, which is a branch of the MLSE foundation. He highlighted what would be built in the Regent Park community. There will be state-of-the-art sports facilities that will include a new soccer field, basketball court and ice rink. Neighbourhood residents will be given priority access to the new sports facilities, and they will be run by a community agency. Today I had the opportunity to interview Tristan Blackwood, a pro-basketball player from the Regent Park community. He grew up in Regent Park and is one of many success stories. He was the star of his college team (Central Connecticut State University) and played in the NCAA tournament in 2007 against notable NBA players like Mike Conley Jr. and former #1 pick Greg Oden. He came in to talk about his time spent in Regent Park, his professional basketball career and his involvement with the 3to6 team foundation.

Our second segment was centered around more Donald Trump news, but the difference is we had an American born co-host on air, to give us an inside scoop on the current political state of the U.S.A.

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By: Alex Ndungu


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