May 25th Catch da Flava Blog

On tonight’s Catch da Flava, we touched on the world famous elbow gate involving Justin Trudeau and Ruth Ellen Brousseau. On may 19th as votes were being placed for the controversial Bill C-14. The situation went sour when party members starting milling around and doing what it is believed by some to be time wasting. Trudeau saw what was going on, left his seat and grabbed conservative MP Gordon Brown and pulled him from the little crowd so he could go cast his vote. In the process, Justin Trudeau bumped into NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau with his elbow and subsequently caused a bit of a ruckus. The public response was insane, many critics went as far as saying Trudeau should be banned from the House of Commons and some called Brousseau a crybaby. One thing that stood out was the extent in which the other political parties (NDP and Conservatives) milked the situation for extra firepower in their campaigns. Trudeau ended up apologizing multiple times for his actions.

Our second topic was centered on the Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Eastern Conference Finals series. This is huge for the Raptors because they had never made it this far or done this well in the playoffs. As of today, the series is tied 2-2. That means that realistically any team could take the series even though the cavaliers are highly favoured to win the series. Some say they are so favoured that the league and the referees purposefully alter games to help the cavaliers. This is nothing new since there have been instances of corruption in the NBA in the past. (Former Referee Tim Donaghy ‘s betting scandal). It seems like the raptors are fighting against the critics and making a name for them selves in the American dominated NBA.

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By: Alex Ndungu
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