Divas Media Group - Annual General Meeting - 2016

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Last week, the Divas Media Group met and had the opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting. The ladies had the opportunity to discuss the format of programming and any changes that they wished to implement. The ladies learned about governance and applied concepts such as consensus and majority rule throughout the meeting. The ladies actively participated in the discussions regarding new opportunities in regards to The Divas Media Group. The Tobacco youth mentors were present and shared the progress of the segments. Maesha, a youth mentor, was the recipient of the Outstanding Volunteer Award. She was acknowledged for her involvement in facilitating and organizing workshops on Tobacco for the Divas Media Group. She has been an amazing addition to the Divas Media Group and the ladies congratulated her. The ladies seem excited for the new initiatives that will be implemented in the next year. Next week, the ladies will be finishing up their second Tobacco PSA and focusing their efforts on making an effective game show.

By: Tusma Sulieman
Date: April 1, 2016
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