Catch da Flava - Martin Medical

On Monday March 14th 2016 Regent Park Focus had done a radio documentary on Jerry Martin. Mr. Martin runs a facility called Martin Medical Services in Saskatchewan, his facility focuses on the medical aspect of consuming cannabis but also working and building a connection between the people and his local community that access his services. Our guest Jerry also explained how his facility provides many different services that branch off and correlate to the main focus, which is medical cannabis and cannabis products. Martin Medical Service’s also offers advice with what you are buying and how that might help with your specific need. Jerry explained to us that depending on what type of Cannabis product you’re using it could help with chronic joint pain and cancer. We also got to learn what the actual term medical marijuana meant, which is the care people are taking of growing cannabis. Overall it was great learning experience about the many benefits medical Cannabis has and places like Martin Medical Service’s influences that in a positive way. By: Harjeev Singh
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