Catch da Flava Radio - Black Lives Matter in Toronto

On tonight’s Catch da Flava, we talked about the Black Lives Matter movement in Toronto. It is a movement that begun with the goal of extending Afro-fests music event to two days rather than one, and most importantly they marched on the streets to fight for justice for 45-year old Andrew Loku, who was gunned down by police after he allegedly lunged at an officer with a hammer in his hands. This is just another instance of death caused by police, another black life taken away. One major issue I have is the fact that the SIU is the only governing body that investigates situations involving issues where police are involved in major injuries to civilians, sexual assault or death. The SIU rarely releases any details of any officers involved in a situation with a civilian. A lot of the time, all the media tells us is that the SIU are “looking into the matter”. There is a large amount of secrecy and understandably so, it is to protect their police officers. The BLM wanted the name of the officer responsible for Andrew Loku’s death to be released and for some of the SIU’s policies to be reformed. It is interesting that even when Police Officers are disciplined, they never really lose their jobs. A lot of the time they get suspended with pay, or moved to a smaller role. This is all a huge mess; I am 100% positive there are other ways to deal with confrontations other than shooting. Technology is far too advanced not to have a non-lethal way of restraining civilians.

To alleviate the heavy first half of the show, we spoke about the importance of self-care in greater detail. We had an excellent interview with the founder of Inside Out Studios Barry H. Samuel. Inside Out Studios is a health and fitness centre that uses holistic methods to bring the best out of the clients both mentally and physically. I won’t reveal everything here because you need to hear it from the professional himself! You can check out the interview at this link:

Thank you to all of our Listeners! Next week we have an interview with an organization centered around Youth Work Safety that you will not want to miss!

By: Alex Ndungu
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