April 19th Catch da Flava Blog

April 19th Catch da Flava Blog

On tonight’s Catch Da Flava, we spoke about the TTC’s decision to begin randomly testing TTC drivers for drugs and alcohol. This initiative is a response to the fifty-seven Toronto Transit Commission workers who tested positive for controlled substances and alcohol in 2015. The board hearing was held March 23 and employees were informed that funding would be released. The letter to the employees stated that the TTC would be asking the Ontario government to make random drug tests mandatory for all public transit agencies. Random Drug testing will be effective immediately and the penalties for filing one are steep.

This week, we also held a discussion about occupy CNN. Occupy CNN is a protest that began April 17, 2016 to object to the media filtering tactics in regards the American Presidential election. The protesters believed that Bernie Sanders was receiving unequal coverage by CNN compared to his opponents. These media tactic are directly influencing voters. CNN is influencing its voters by the huge coverage on Presidential candidate Donald Trump. The protesters are demanding equal broadcasting of all candidates so that the public can make an unbiased and educated decision in regards to their new leader.

Tune in next week for a great show!

By: Alex Ndungu
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