Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting Blog
Friday, April 1st 2016
Last week, Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Center held The Annual General Meeting. Boards members met and discussed how programming was being implemented and any new changes to past initiatives. The members also received an update on completed project and ones that are in progress. The board members critically analyzed the challenges that have arisen with programming and voted on ways to eliminate the barriers. The board members held a recognition ceremony for those outstanding volunteer in the past year. Some recipients were from Catch da Flava youth radio, Divas Media Group, RPTV and Radio Regent radio show. Congratulations to all the outstanding volunteers who contributed their skills to Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre in the past year. The board acknowledged the highlights of the past year which included winning the National Award for Best Programming Strategies to reach marginalized groups. During the meeting, a very exciting announcement was made. Beginning in April of this year, RPTV will be available on Rogers digital channel 991. Over fifty programs will be broadcasted weekly throughout the Regent Park community.  At the end of the meeting, the board members discussed the plans for the following year. The goal for the next year was to make the broadcasting more accessible to all members of the community. I special Thanks to all who attended. Next year’s shaping up to be an even greater one at Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre.

By: Tusma Sulieman
Date:  Friday, April 1st 2016
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