U of T Student’s – Alternative Reading Week Program (ARW)

Last Week, here at Regent Park Focus we had seven students come from the University of Toronto – involved in the Alternative Reading Week Program. These students participated in the collaboration for three days; each day different tasks were assigned to the students. On day one we welcomed the students to the space by introducing them to the two programs: RPTV and Radio Regent. They were shown what happens behind the close doors in terms of production. After the walk through we had an icebreaker called snowball to get better acquainted with each other. After the warm up, we went through the agenda for the day. On the same day we had the students create and research topics related to community media access, they were told that this material would be used on Catch Da Flava, and that they also would be hosting the segment for that week. It went GREAT and the students were complete naturals at hosting their own radio segment. On the second day, we distributed pre-made poster of each of our programs. We split the seven students into 3 groups, two groups of 2 and one group of 3. The students were given sections of the city to cover and distribute the program posters. We also asked them to bring along voice recorders to ask community members about what their thoughts were on community media access. On the third and final day, we had students listen to their recordings and taught them how to edit and create a final audio piece. Overall having the UofT students here at Regent Park Focus, was an amazing experience and we hope to connect again soon.

Date: February 23, 2016

By: Katherine Garcia
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