Catch da Flava - Online Harassment

On tonight’s catch da flava, we talked about one of the biggest issues that impact everyone young and old. Online harassment is one of the most serious types of bullying in the entire world. It has lead to many young teens taking their own lives as well as taking the lives of others on a large scale (school shootings).

Online Harassment or cyber bullying is not the same as face-to-face bullying. Online Harassment opens up the door for literally everyone in the world with access to the Internet, to either be bullies or heroes. The Internet is a place for people to express themselves and their thoughts but obviously everyone will not agree with everyone else. It is a place for people to express their right to freedom of speech which extends to the internet world however at times, freedom of speech allows people to say the nastiest things imaginable without facing much prosecution other than that of the internet world. Recently employers have been making it a habit to filter out cyber bullies from their organizations

This is a very hot topic, we actually had other topics but we managed to carry this on for the entire show! Thank you to those that tune in live. You can find the podcast of this show at:

By Alex Ndungu
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