Catch da Flava - Jan 12, 2016

On tonights catch da flava, we discuss a couple of very interesting topics, few but interesting. We found a story about a woman who had been keeping two children as slaves for the past 6 years. I guess most children feel like slaves when their parents tell them to clean the dishes or take out the trash. The case in New York was a case of actual slavery where the children's freedoms and liberty were taken away. It raises questions at to how much of that is actually going on?

We also talked about the environment and how it is drastically changing for the worse. We talked about a massive glacier in the western region of Antarctica that could potentially cause global distress. Vice news claims that if this giant piece of ice melts, it could increase water levels up to 10 feet. Meaning many island nations and coastal towns will be left underwater.

Finally we talked about the $1.3bn powerball in the U.S.A. and the hysteria it has caused. It is the highest payout on US history and has attracted many Canadians to the borders in an attempt to get in the action. We talked about what the Catch da flava team would purchase will all that money. All I can say is we all have some very unique mindsets and it is worth a listen.

You can listen to the podcast here: Tune in next Tuesday January 19th for an exciting show! By: Alex Ndungu Date: January 12, 2016
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