RPTV Punjabi Culture Show

The Crossroads Punjabi Cultural Show Blog On December 8th we had our first Crossroads with Punjabi Cultural show take place. We had a guest on our show who calls himself SB, who is upcoming musician within the Punjabi community. The music SB creates in the category of Rap/Hip-Hop music. SB has been making music for a few years as he was explaining his story of high school having a huge influence on him creating music. SB is from the Punjabi descent and emphasized that his diverse cultural had a huge impact on his music in a positive way. SB told us a story about his first musical experiences with his friends which lead him to record his first song. We also discussed the current issues of the state of Punjab in India. SB mentioned how music can be empowering and in sense advocate for social issues in India. Later on in the show we talked about how the government in India started funding programs that supported arts & culture programs. We concluded on how powerful music can be and how culture can impact art and be part of the culture.

 By: Harjeeve Singh
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