Catch da Flava - Youth at Work Safety with Catherine and Heather

Catch Da Flava On tonights Catch Da Flava, we had a special 30-minute interview for our Youth at Work Safety segment. We had two guests; Catherine is a lawyer with the injured workers consultants and Heather who is a victim of workplace injury and also works with and advocates for injured workers. Heather actually had a very unique injury due to the fact that she has an invisible injury. Heather had a tough experience with workers compensation because it is hard to prove that her injury was something that came from her place of work. It is usually easier to receive compensation if you have a visible injury such as, a broken arm or leg. Catherine explained some of the hidden details in workers compensations rules/policies and what is being done to change workers comp to accommodate invisible injuries. Later on in the show, we talked about more Donald trump! Usually the only time we talk about the same topic nearly everyweek was with Uber, but these days news on uber has been quieter than usual. Trump is at risk of losing his presidential candidacy due to his statements about Muslims, it caused a lot of uproar around the world and we are wondering what is wrong with him.

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