Catch da Flava Radio - No Negative News Tonight!

With today being the final Catch da Flava radio show of the year, the team decided to keep things light and enjoyable. We chose not to focus on negative news, we chose to freestyle the show and it turned out great. We shared a lot of laughs and laughter is always good. We spoke about UFC 194: Connor McGregor vs Jose Aldo and whether it was a waste of money for people who paid to watch it. McGregor and Aldo were the main event and their fight only lasted about 13 seconds. Do people pay for a good fight? Or a quick 10-second knock out?

Today was also the first day that grocery stores in Ontario could sell alcohol. Not all groceries stores are participating, however having alcohol available at grocery stores could be convenient for people as well as damaging to store owners and the surrounding communities. On a similar note, Premier Kathleen Wynne believes that marijuana should be legalized and only sold by the LCBO. Is this a good or bad decision? What will legalization mean for the thousands imprisoned for marijuana related charges? And how will the LCBO be affected?

Finally, with Star Wars mania quickly approaching, we managed to find a clip of an 11-year-old Justin Trudeau leaving the theatre after watching Return of the Jedi in 1983. His speech-craft and mannerisms have not changed since then!

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Happy Holidays!
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