Summer Program - Workshops (July 20th - 30th)

July 20th

Today renowned chiropractor, Scott Levine came back to film a small series of TV shows on how to stay healthy and what we should do to stay healthy.

July 21st

Today, the youth planned for their radio shows and we discussed their topics further. They set up interviews with guests and continued to plan out the rest of their radio shows.

July 22nd

Today, the youth got to experience what it’s like to to be in the Landlord and Tenant board. The youth witnessed many different trials and expanded their knowledge of how to advocate for themselves and how being prepared is very important.

July 23rd

The youth planned for radio and continued to broaden their understanding of the subjects. They continued to find guests. Some of the youth edited their radio PSA’s while others worked on other projects such as editing past TV shows.

July 24th

Today, OJEN came back in to talk to the youth about tenant issues. They also took part in a mock trial where they got to be the tenant, the landlord and witnesses.

July 28th

Today the youth got the opportunity to talk and discuss with Mary and executive director of Justice for Children and Youth. They also had the opportunity to interview her for a small radio segment. Later that day, Muhammad Ali, a social justice musician came in and talked to the youth about the importance of conveying messages through art and music.

July 29th

Today, OJEN  and Mary came back to talk to the youth about more justice issues. The youth also had a chance to form groups and act out scenarios.

July 30th

Today the youth had a chance to work on and edit their radio PSAs and edit video projects. Many of the youth are almost done their editing.

Blog by: Stephanie Ma
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