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Shellana, Sarah, Emmanual, Tyrone, and Judd co-hosted Catch Da Flava on August 18th. To start off, Shellana filled everyone in on the ‘Tim Mortons’ that was found in South Korea. Apparently, Canadians living in South Korea were excited at what they thought was the opening of their beloved Canadian coffee house, but to their disappointment it turned out to only be a knock off. The panel decided they would not be interested in trying Tim Mortons coffee. Next, the discussion turned to youtube prankster Coby Persin, whose latest ‘child luring’ prank has gone viral. In the prank, Coby convinced three sets of parents to let him pose as a 15 year old boy on social media, and contact their teenage daughters to see if they would agree to meet him. All three girls fell for his prank, and he lured them into different scenarios where their very angry parents were waiting for them. The hosts discussed this case, and other pranks that have gone too far, and if it’s time for some restrictions on what can be viewed on the internet. The next topic turned to Spain’s annual ‘running of the bulls’. Ricky Gervais and other animals rights activists have been condemning the event for animal cruelty. There has also been loss of human life. The panel discussed if cultural traditions should be maintained, even when they have dangerous or deadly consequences. To lighten things up a bit, the discussion turned to the Blue Jays recent winning streak. Everyone is really excited to see if they can win the world series again. From there, the conversation turned to the election, and how the parties are virtually tied in the polls. To finish off the show, the hosts talked about the tragic bombing in Bangkok. Needless to say, it was a very lively episode with great topics and discussion. Stay tuned for next week!

By: Sarah Forrest

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