RPTV: Mock Trial Shoot

When we don’t have any workshops running so we continue working on our independent work. All of us are doing different things. One group had a radio interview scheduled this morning which went very well. The rest of us where editing more episodes and as soon as you were done a new project we would be assigned a new one. This way we all stay productive and get the episodes and radio shows done on time. One of the groups was working on a script for a mock trial to teach youth about the Landlord and Tennant issues. By the end of the day we gathered together a crew and filmed the whole mock trial. Even though we had to stay longer we all stayed supportive and helped each other out to feel comfortable on set and behind the cameras so everything is done smoothly and quick. Instead of using the studio we filmed in the big common area. It was a fun new experience because we had different backgrounds to work with and a lot more angles we could fill from. Since the lighting workshop we all are taking a greater focus on how to control the lighting. We used three big studio lights but we also worked with the natural light from the windows. It was a great way to take our skills to the next level and use different environments.

By: Pierce Holmes
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