Lighting Workshop Continued

Today was definitely a very productive and busy day. Around 1:30PM the Pablito Greco from Life X came in again! We continued our lighting work shop but this time we got in depth. He started the workshop by giving us a review of what we learned the previous session and then told us what we’d be doing today which is getting hands on with our lighting technique. After he finished his short lecture, we all entered the studio. He told us what we have to do to improve our lighting in our productions by showing us the effectiveness of Key, Fill and Back lighting. Also told us that we should always turn of the room lights when shooting, and only focus primarily on our Key, Fill and Back lights. Was very informative and I hope will have some effect on our productions from now on.

Our day didn’t end there though! Afterwards, Me, Stephanie, and Maeashah had to go out to do our radio show at the farmers market. For the sake of attraction, we also brought with us the Mammal bike. Our show topics were on whether we think Toronto should host the 2024 Olympics and what we think makes a Canadian. It went very well!!

By: Pierce Holmes
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